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Why Us?

We create beautiful and engaging apps for young children.

100% Free Games & Apps

There are plenty of fun mobile games that children can play these days. Most of them are using Paid-App, Freemiun or In-Apps-Purchase. But we offer FREE.

Friendly UI

We don’t use technology to show off our software prowess. While we use some cool widgets in our apps, all our graphics and features are strictly educational. If a certain 3D effect doesn’t add to the learning, we leave it out. This is because we believe that kids are naturally curious and do not need to be tricked into learning with extra effects and gizmos.


KidsGameApps’s games are played almost 10 million times each month and over 5 million download. Currently, 10K+ active user play our game every day. 5,000-to-10,000 new players are downloading the game every day. We used to earned the top spots in the Education category


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Top 5 Apps

Platform: Android

  • No.1 Kids Math

    Android Windows

    Kids Math that is fit your children 1 grade up to 6 grade!

    Over 4 Million downloads
    Over 10K Rate & Review
    Over 4K click Like
    Over 5K Players perday

  • No.2 Ant Smasher

    Android Windows

    Ant Smash game that can make you angry!

    Over 400K downloads
    Over 2K Rate & Review
    Over 500 click Like
    Over 1K Players perday

  • No.3 Jerry Mouse Running

    Android Windows

    Jerry Mouse Running is a funny game for kids!

    Over 200K downloads
    Over 1K Rate & Review
    Over 500 click Like
    Over 1K Players perday

  • No.4 Fruit & Animal For Kids

    Android Windows

    Education game allow your children learn from home!

    Over 200K downloads
    Over 1K Rate & Review
    Over 1K click Like
    Over 500 Players perday

  • No.5 Kids ABC Drawing

    Android Windows

    ABC writing letter and drawing for kids!

    Over 2K downloads
    Over 10 Rate & Review
    Over 10 click Like
    Over 100 Players perday

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