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Summary of the History of the American Flag

There are have more about the American flag that you should know and this country for you will find more story about the same that you should know more. You should find more about the Star – Spangled Banner and this article have the information on this flag. In this article, there is a brief history of the American flag that you should read more about here for you ought to discover more of the same this includes.

First, there is the origin of the American flag. The grand union flag was contained to England union jack and this was the main symbol. Rebecca young and Grace Fisher sewed together and actually were the ones who designed the first version of the American flag; Betsy Ross was sewn together with the flag by the tailor.

Each of the strips of the American flag represented the colonies that were original and this is the history of the American flag that you should continue reading more about it. The American flag has red that has the symbol of hardiness and valor, the ethnos of bootstrap, learn more about the colors of the strips for you should know more. You should learn more about the history of the shades of the American flag for it has the red, blue, and white color.

The act of the American flag was enacted in 1794 and it was issued, this led to the changes of the strips that it has from the original thirteen that it had from the colonies. In 1818, here was the second amendment of the American flag led to reducing the number of strips, and there the stars were also designed to match the states of the United States.

There is also the summary of the American flag of today that you should know more about it. The American flag of today has a total of thirteen strips that is of seven red and six white ones that represent the original colonies. You can also display the American flag in your own yard but you have to check for the best flag pole suppliers so that you can order for the best ones, you have to ensure that the flag pole is secured so that it doesn’t fly away for the weather may get bad sometimes.

The above is a brief summary of the American flag, stories, and history of this country that you should know for it will help you to understand the origin, evolution, and the current situation.